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Adding a New Announcement will require delving into the Editor.

First, from the Top Editor Bar, select +New, and Post.

You should now see the Divi Builder.  We use the Divi Builder to edit posts and pages.  For now, we are adding a new post that will become our Announcement.

First, enter a Title (e.g. New Prices for Fuel pump).

Second, set the page layout to Fullwidth.  You do this by selecting the down arrow next to the Page Layout selector and choosing Fullwidth.

Next, we have to define how the Announcement is going to be laid out.  Generally speaking, all of our Announcements are in a single column, and we will (later) be using a text module to enter the Announcement information.

From the Divi Builder, choose, “Insert Columns”, and choose the one column wide option.

Then, choose Insert Module.  And pick the “Text” module.



Scroll down through the selections and select the Text Module.


After you do this, you can then add any Announcement information you need by using the built-in Text Editor.  When you are done with this, select Save and Exit from the bottom of the Text Editor.

Finally, move over to the right side of your editing page, and find the section labeled “Categories”.  Select the Announcements category, and deselect Uncatagorized.

Above this section is Publish, so select this now to save your work.

This Video is a tutorial provided by our Theme developers on how to use many of the features of the Text Editor.